Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who is eligible to register a team in the moot?
Every law school is eligible. Schools that are not law schools are normally also eligible if the study of law is part of the program. The moot is open for teams from Non Asia Pacific Region as well.

2. Who is eligible to be a member of the team?
Team members must be registered students as of the date of submission of registration form. Students working for a masters or doctor degree are also eligible, unless they have been admitted to the practice of law. Similarly, students at a school that is dedicated to preparation for the bar examination are eligible. However, students who are concurrently working in a law office may not be eligible, depending on the type of work they have been or are currently engaged in. In case of doubt as to the eligibility of a student, please write to us at .

3. How to register a team in the moot?
There are two steps for a registration to be definitive:
i. Submission of a duly completed registration form.
ii. Compliance of all the formal requirements as maybe asked by the organizers.

4. Is there a registration fee for the moot?
There is no registration fee for this moot.

5. What will be the venue of the competition?
This edition of Asia Pacific Vis Pre Moot will be conducted in Virtual mode on Zoom platform.

6. How many team members should be there?
There is no limit to the number that is permitted to be on the team.

7. Can multiple teams from same University/School participate in this moot?
No, only one team can participate from one University/School.


1. Is there a requirement to submit a memoranda?
There is no requirement to submit a memoranda in this moot.